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Many, many years ago, a sweet and sour rib recipe was introduced to Tommy and I. It was used on many of our favorite oven-baked meat dishes. Then our two sons Toby and Ted came along. As they grew, our sauce became the highlight of every meal. I then decided to baste the sweet and sour sauce on dishes, such as chicken breast, pork fingers, leg quarters, pork chops, and chicken tenders. Those growing boys always wanted extra sauce on the side for dipping. Time after time I made extra sauce and stored it in the refrigerator, just enough to share it with family, friends, and co-workers. Adding the sauce to chicken and pork fingers soon became a big hit at many Christmas parties for Doctor's Hospital, the famous Daigle Christmas Eve party, and also at the Trahan’s Christmas party. Both Ted and Toby use the sweet and sour sauce on many of their meat dishes including meat loaf, hamburgers, and smoked chicken breast. Ted also smokes meat in his smoker, including smoking the sauce itself, which he shared with his friends and co-workers. This sauce has been introduced over the years to many family members and also many, many of my co-workers; Ob-Labor and Delivery-from Doctors Hospital, Opelousas General, Ville Platte, Eunice Hospital Nurses, Woman and Children's NICU, and Lafayette General Medical Center Labor and Delivery, Nursery, Mother Baby Unit, and NICU.

My family and friends always wanted us to bottle this great sauce...I can say that our dream has come true. Thanks for the encouragement from the great family members and the wonderful friends in Labor and Delivery Departments in South Louisiana. We must not forget 2 great Professors of UL School of Nursing; they have encouraged and supported our endeavor! We would also like to thank L&D night nurses and Secretaries...whom are there for us....you are great.

Daigle Family Co. came alive and decisions were made thanks to Tommy; Toby, Jennifer, William, Boston, Ellie; Ted, Alexis, Sydney, and Aubrey Daigle. Cajun Sweet and Sour Sauce will become a reality at your grocery store. Thank you for your visit to our Website and we appreciate you trying "CAJUN SWEET AND SOUR SAUCE".

I would like to give a special thanks to Desiree Guillory with Blue Magnolia Bread Pudding for your support and help through this great experience... Dez your bread pudding is the best!

I would like to mention the positive support of my mother at 92 years young for being there for me and my three older brothers Cecil, Don, Mike, and their families for their motivation behind me. I would also like to thank Tommy’s wonderful mom and dad, Diana and Moise Daigle along with Tommy's twelve brothers and sisters!


Gayle Daigle

We are one call away if you would like help with a recipe

We are a new company and we appreciate your support!!

As one of our slogans from whom Sydney our great granddaughter created, CAJUN SWEET AND SOUR- "LOVE AT FIRST BITE"

In memory of my most dearest, the most generous person I have known my father, Leon Trahan. He was the most passionate person about cooking a product and enjoyed serving it to people... He is well known for Leon's Lounge's famous hamburgers.....Thanks dad I know you are right there with us!