Rob shows you how to use the Qwick Trim Barbecue Tool for trimming fat-laden proteins. Get yours today
Step by step process how to Prepare and smoke pork ribs. Daigle's Cajun Grillin Blend BBQ Rub was used, the secret weapon in the shaker was Talk Texan and a variety of Daigle's BBQ Sauces
Get yourself prepared for a Cook-off! Check out the Daigle's Applewood Jalapeno Sauce he pulls out of his magic box!
Whiskey Bent BBQ Supply - Pasco Odessa, Florida explains how easy it is to cook Bacon wrapped shrimp lightly glazed with Daigle's Sweet Pecan Garlic Sauce.
Cajun Smothered 7 steak, rice and gravy using Daigle's Cajun Browning Seasoning.
Smoked Sweet Wings glazed with Daige's Sweet Pecan Garlic Sauce and Daigle's Hickory Rib Finishing Sauce!